Gloria Payoyo had a nomadic youth and settled with her single mother in Hawaii.  She graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1996, married Leo Payoyo in 1999, and moved off island in 2001.  She was hired as a temporary employee to process Free and Reduced lunch applications with the Craven County Schools Child Nutrition Program in 2002 and discovered her passion for employment where she could help others.  She was hired permanently by Craven County Schools Board of Education and became their Child Nutrition Purchasing Secretary, purchasing all the food for the Craven County School System, and became a mom in 2003.  Due to Leo’s career as a US Marine, Gloria and her family received orders to move every 3-5 years.  She’s also held positions as the Temp Executive Assistant for American Cancer Society, Community Liaison Officer for American Embassy Rangoon, L.I.N.K.S. Admin for Marine Corps Family Team Building, and Family Readiness Officer for Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28 in Cherry Point, NC.  Her latter work focused on connecting to families, outreach communication, and building resiliency in military families.  Gloria returned to Oahu in 2015 and decided it was time to get back to being local.  She decided to work from home to spend as much time with her daughter as possible.  She currently resides in Kapolei, leads a non-profit, owns Unicorns and Beaches, LLC, and has a professional coaching business.

However, Gloria Payoyo came from very humble beginnings.  She was born into a family of physical, emotional, and mental abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism, neglect, narcissism, and financial instability.  She wasn’t supported in her home and looked outwardly for love and approval.  She also expressed a lot of anger when she was younger and looking to blame others.  Thankfully, people saw Gloria as bigger than who she was along the way and showed her there were other options besides the path she was on.  From friends, to teachers, to counselors, to coworkers, to bosses, and many, many more…  Gloria started to believe in what they saw and cultivated an unrelenting drive to better herself as a person.

This drive helped her accomplish many achievements, however, she was still coming from a place of trying to prove her worth and proving her parents wrong.  Gloria decided to delve deep into personal development in August of 2017 and now recognizes that our deepest wounds are our greatest gifts.  What a revelation to realize that she grew up as an at risk youth and powerless young girl so that she would be passionate about empowering women and lifting at risk communities!!  

Gloria is committed to a lifetime of personal development, self-acceptance, self-love, and lifting others!!  Double exclamation marks, purple, rose gold, unicorns, and self-love are her trademarks so expect an introverted, authentic woman who unapologetically loves herself and coordinates community events!!  Gloria has been married to Leo Payoyo since 1999, has a daughter named Kaia that attends Kapolei High School, and owns the cutest dog you’ve ever seen!!